Which Appliances Are Leaching Your Bank Account

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It can seem like even when you’re turning off every light in the house, unplugging appliances left and right, and contemplating hang drying your clothes, the electricity bill is still a punch to the gut (and the bank account).

Since when was it necessary to take out a loan to pay for electricity every month?


Where’s it going?

Part of knowing how to save on electricity is knowing which appliances are pulling the most power. In the average home, the systems that take up the greatest percentage of the electric bill (adding up to over 60%) are:

  1. Cooling/Heating
  2. Water Heater


AC and Heat

Air conditioning/heat counts for an average of 47% of the electricity usage for a household. And that doesn’t account for homes where kids are leaving doors open or messing with the thermostat daily.

To make the most of your air conditioner and heater, try to keep windows and doors shut, and close curtains when possible. If there are unused rooms in your home, close off the heat or air conditioning to these rooms.

Some second-step options to lower your heating and cooling electricity usage include:

  • Maintaining your AC and Heating units
  • Use a ceiling or portable fan
  • Check for air leaks in your home
  • Shut off heat to upper portions of the house (heat rises).


Water Heating

The second electricity usage culprit is the water heater, which pulls an average of 14% of the electricity in a household. Some ways to cut back on electricity use for water heat are switching to a more efficient water heater, or turning the temperature down on your water heater’s thermostat. Of course, you can always take shorter showers and cut down water usage in general.


Which Appliances Are Your Friends?

There are less-used (and financially smart) ways to avoid suffering from the elements in your home. Installing radiant heat sources will lower your electricity bill, and cut back the circulation of airborne contaminants and pollen.

Ceiling fans may not be practical for extremely hot and humid areas, but they will save your wallet when you need some cool air flow. Any portable fan is always more energy use-efficient. For those who need the extra cold breeze in the summer, be sure that your AC unit is functioning the way it’s supposed to for maximum efficiency.


Staying Comfortable Should Be Comfortable For You

At Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air, we understand the pains of trying to bring down your electricity bill. Making sure that the appliances you have are working at their top performance is our promise when you call us in, and if you find a better option for electricity usage in your home, we are here to make that happen too. To have professional assistance on your next home electricity efficiency project, make an appointment with us.