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Our teeth need maintenance when we want to keep a beautiful smile and avoid pain, so we make sure to regularly see the dentist. Our cars get us to work and everywhere we need to go, so we take it to a mechanic for maintenance to avoid the stress of being car-less. Like many things in life, the approaching winter months call for the need to maintain your furnace system. Manufacturers recommend an annual inspection to protect your home and your wallet.

So, it’s recommended but is furnace maintenance really necessary?


Save Your Money

Unless you have been trained to conduct a thorough inspection on your furnace system, from wiring to louvers and ignitions, it would be best to leave the equipment check-ups to the HVAC professionals.

Such pros often call the service “preventative” maintenance because it can often detect hiccups before they become major, costly problems. Throughout the year, dust accumulates, the thermostat is strained, and parts of the system can loosen or leak. An annual maintenance catches these issues before they shut your whole system down completely and you’re left without heat in a miserable winter.


A More Efficient System

Over time, air filters can become less effective, especially when they aren’t being replaced often enough. A system clogged by dust can run up your heating bill because it forces the system to work harder than it should have to. To ensure that you aren’t overworking your system, an annual maintenance is crucial for long term productivity of the furnace. A well-maintained furnace also assures the air flowing through the home is clean and avoids any types of respiratory problems and discomfort for the members of your home.  


Furnace Maintenance Keeps You Safe

There are some furnace malfunctions that you can’t see or hear at all, that could endanger members in your home. For example, too much carbon monoxide (CO) is toxic, odorless, colorless, and can only be detected by a specialized technician. Often this gas is an unfortunate leak from a faulty furnace system. Homeowners, sometimes feel like buying their own devices to check gas levels is more cost-efficient, but too often they’re duped with devices that may look like the real thing but are useless in detecting the deadly gas. Protect your home by making sure everything is working well with your furnace system.


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