Reasons Why Your Heater is Blowing Cold Air

People are confronted with difficult conditions in certain parts of the world. Many rely heavily on their heating systems.

San Rafael, CA heating_servicesMost cannot imagine what life was like before the heating system. There was probably a lot of bundling up and a lot of shivering. Some people have experienced something like this when their heater stops working.

That can be a frustrating experience, as it directly relates to your comfort and livelihood. People are quickly realizing that they need to deal with a competent HVAC company who can navigate through some of these problems and who can provide good answers to difficult questions.

1 - Your Heating System Might Not Be Broken

Many people warm up their vehicles a few moments before leaving on a winter morning. They do not want to deal with the difficult conditions while they are driving. They know that if they get in and turn the vehicle on, the engine will need a few moments before it will warm their vehicle.

While one might object that this is not an optimal design function, it is still not broken. That is how it is supposed to work. Similarly, many HVAC systems just need a little while to switch from air conditioning to heat. Sometimes the answer really is that simple.

People do not realize it because they turn it on, feel the cold air, and just assume that their system broken. But it is not necessarily broken. It could just be that it takes a few moments to warm up, just like when you are in a vehicle and it takes a few moments to warm up. Many systems take a few moments before they will function properly. But it might not be broken. Just give it a few moments.

Perhaps that is why it is so important to summon an HVAC company that has integrity. An expert could persuade the San Rafael homeowner to pay for repairs or perhaps even pay for a new system without relaying the necessary information to them. They will make a few extra dollars because they were not honest with their customer.

But an HVAC company who wants to have an ongoing relationship with their customer will tell them that their heating mechanism simply takes a few extra moments to kick in. Most San Rafael homeowners are pleased to learn this answer. Perhaps that is your problem. Give it a try.

2 - The Pilot Light is Out

To appeal once again to the parallel of the automobile, one needs to take their car to the mechanic for regular maintenance. If they do not do that, their vehicle will not have the longevity and reliability that they would like. If they neglect to have the oil changed or respond to that dreadful 'Check Engine' light, their vehicle will break down.

Similarly, if a man does not go to the doctor, get regular checkups and follow the guidance of their doctor, they will not be in good health and will not live as long. Most things in life need regular maintenance. They wear out as they get older.

The heater is very much the same way. After prolonged use, the HVAC system will need some routine repairs. The pilot light in older systems will often go out.

The manufacturer has probably provided some instructions for you to reignite it yourself. It is usually not too complicated and is intended for anybody to do it. Although, in some situations, the HVAC company will need to be contacted to perform routine maintenance on the system.

This is particularly true if you have to restore the pilot light several times. If it repeatedly goes out, this may be symptomatic of a greater problem that will require the attention of a competent HVAC company who can perform regular maintenance on your system. A problem with your pilot light is usually not something that is difficult for the HVAC company to solve.

However, you should ensure that you are doing business with a company who has a reputation for integrity, diligence and competence. If they do not have those traits, you may have to endure an improper diagnosis or they may insist that you need more repairs than you do.

3 - The Thermostat Needs Adjustment

Sometimes people switch their heater to the "On" function and wonder why it is not working. There are a few mechanisms that need to be adjusted, and they are often very simple.

San Rafael, CA heater_repair_serviceIf the temperature in your home is greater than the temperature that you have set on the thermostat, the furnace will not be engaged and you may mistakenly think that your San Rafael home system is broken because it is just blowing out cold air.

If you want to turn the heat on, you need to actually turn the temperature up. Another step that is quite easy to overlook when engaging with your thermostat is to switch it from "On" to "Auto". If it is switched to "On" the fan will be on the furnace will not engage. When you switch it to "Auto" the furnace will engage.

People who have these problems may sometimes be embarrassed that they did not realize that they simply had not adjusted the thermostat correctly.

Before you suffer the embarrassment of giving the HVAC company an earful, just ensure that you are using the mechanisms properly. It happens more often than one would think.

Another consideration is your roommate or your family members. Sometimes roommates can go a few days without talking to one another.

Therefore they may both be adjusting the thermostat to their liking, unaware that the other roommate has been changing it right back. This may lead them to think that the HVAC system was broken when all they needed was to discuss their need with one another.

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