Andrew Y

Purchasing Manager

Currently living with girlfriend and an adorable husky. No kids quite yet!

Where you live
Japantown, San Jose. Driving over the hill against traffic everyday is fun.

Where you grew up
I was born in New Jersey but spent most of my life in South San Jose.

Favorite books
A Series of Unfortunate Events was awesome, sadly I don’t read much anymore.

Favorite band/genre
I love old school hip hop, funky breakbeats, trap music, house, R&B, etc. Pretty much a fan of everything except rock music, metal, screamo…

Favorite movie
Too many to list. Anything Disney is amazing as it should be.

Favorite saying or quote
You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it. – Robin Williams

Favorite holiday
I enjoy Christmastime. Everything and everyone is just happier.

Fishing, breakdancing, fishing, eating, fishing… and fishing.

Passions or obsessions
Fishing (didn’t you read the Hobbies section?)

Place you’d most like to visit
Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Europe, Hawaii

Best thing that ever happened to you
Meeting my girlfriend at San Jose State’s breakdancing club. Been awesome ever since.

Best plumbing/HVAC story
I was hired at Bellows. The end.