Brad Y.

Plumbing Technician

Brad Y.

Raised in Santa Cruz, wife and two children. Daughter surfs, skateboards, we love the ocean, mountains, love our community.

Where you live

Where you grew up
Santa Cruz

Favorite books
American Caesar by William Manchester, Seven Pillows of Wisdom by T.E. Lawrence

Favorite band/genre
Santana – 70’s rock

Favorite movies
Lawrence of Arabia

Favorite saying/quote
Those who attempt to regain the past, soon find the fire has become ashes.

Favorite Holiday

Basketball, reading, miniature golf, outdoor activities

Rasing my children, plumbing, NFL Football, nature

Place you’d most like to visit
Holy Land

Best thing that ever happened to you
First time I heard my children say the words “I love you.”

Best plumbing or HVAC story
As a young apprentice, I was returning to the job from picking up supplies, driving down Market St in Santa Cruz. I noticed smoke billowing out from a home next to the senior center. I pulled over and went to the front door of the home, I called out to see if anyone was inside and I heard a woman’s voice calling for help! I went inside and crawled to the back of the home, found an elderly woman and pulled her to safety. The house ended up burning to the ground! I waited with her for two hours as paramedics made sure she was okay.