Israel S

Plumbing Installer

I have a wife and a dog.

Where you live

Where you grew up
The strawberry capital of the world, Watsonville!

Favorite books
The Jungle Book

Favorite band/genre
I enjoy all genres of music

Favorite movie
Dumb and Dumber

Favorite saying or quote
Make the best with what you have.

Favorite holiday
Thanksgiving, my wife is an amazing cook

Soccer, camping, hiking, & playing with my dog

Passions or obsessions
Plumbing is my passion, I love knowing that what I do is helping people!

Place you’d most like to visit
A beautiful beach or the old cities over in Europe like Rothenberg, Carcassonne, or Cinque Terre

Best thing that ever happened to you
Marrying My Wife!!

Best plumbing/HVAC story
Replacing a 6-inch water main for a mobile home park with my brother and cousin and getting it done in one day!

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