2024 California Water Heater Code Compliance

california water heater code
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Understanding California’s 2024 water heater codes is crucial for any construction or renovation project. Bellows Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical is here to guide you through these codes, ensuring compliance and efficient water heater systems.

Below is an overview of California’s 2024 water heater codes, including earthquake safety measures, and how Bellows can assist you in meeting these requirements.

Key Requirements of California’s 2024 Water Heater Codes

In 202Understanding California's Water Heater Codes4, California introduced new regulations for water heaters aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact. Compliance with these codes is crucial for both residential and commercial buildings.

Here are 8 key water heater code requirements in California:

1. Energy Efficiency Standards

Water heaters installed in California must meet specific energy efficiency standards to minimize energy consumption and lower utility costs.

2. Installation and Ventilation Guidelines

Proper installation and ventilation of water heaters are essential for safety and efficiency. The codes outline clear guidelines for installation practices and ventilation requirements.

3. Earthquake Straps

California, being vulnerable to earthquakes, mandates that water heaters must be fitted with earthquake straps to keep the appliance securely in place during seismic activity. Straps should be installed both at the top third and bottom third of the water heater.

4. Expansion Tanks

Expansion tanks help prevent pressure spikes and leaks by absorbing excess pressure within the water heater. They are required by code if you have a Pressure Regulator or a Backflow Preventer.

5. Water Pressure Regulator

It is recommended to have a water pressure regulator for water heaters with pressure above 80 PSI to prevent damage to the unit.

6. Water Shutoff

Working shut-off valves on both the incoming cold water line and the gas line are necessary for water heaters. This allows you to shut down the unit without affecting the rest of your home in case of a leak or maintenance.

7. Drip Pans for Draining

Installing drip pans and drains underneath your water heater can help prevent water damage in the event of a leak.

8. P&T Valve

A pressure and temperature relief (P&T) valve should be piped to the outside of your home to release water if the water heater reaches dangerous temperature or pressure levels.

How Bellows Can Help You Comply with California’s 2024 Water Heater Codes

Bellows Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical is your trusted partner in meeting California’s 2024 water heater codes. Our team can assess your current system, install energy-efficient water heaters, provide maintenance, and offer expert advice to ensure compliance and safety.

Contact us today for a consultation and ensure your water heater system meets all regulatory requirements.

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