Radiant Heating Repair and Boiler Replacement

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Indoor comfort is a topic that gets a lot of consideration in most households, as people search for that perfect balance of cooling and warmth. The days of trying to heat a home with a log fireplace are gone for most, and technology has added new options to boost your comfort level. One such innovation is known as radiant heating. Click here for reviews of our range of services.

Basic Info on Radiant Heating

Radiant Heating
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Radiant heating is a system that heats a surface directly, such as your floor, ceiling or wall panels. Infrared radiation is the way the heat is delivered, sending heat from one hot surface to different areas of the room. In order to envision the process, picture the heat you’d feel from an electric burner on a stove if you were standing a few feet away.

Radiant heating is usually more energy efficient than other forms of heat, meaning your energy bills will be lower. You also won’t be subject to the same kinds of airborne contaminants, because there won’t be hot air blowing through the ductwork all day and night. If you live off the power grid, it is possible to use radiant heating without having electricity, making it an attractive option. Call us to learn more about radiant heating in Santa Cruz, Marin, Santa Clara, and Sonoma for your home.

More than One Type of Radiant Heat

The most common type of radiant heat homeowners choose is radiant floor heat. There’s just something about walking on warm floors and having that heat rise into the room that is very appealing. There are a few different ways to heat a radiant floor, including air floor, hydronic floors, and electric floors. The air floors use air as the medium to carry heat, hydronic floors use water and electric floors use electricity. In most cases, the most cost-effective type of radiant floor is a hydronic floor.

With hydronic radiant floors, a boiler pumps hot water through the tubing installed under the floor, heating the floor and the room. Professional installers place the tubes so they are in the most energy efficient configuration possible, for that particular space. For this reason, it is crucial to insist on professional installation.

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