Mitsubishi Ductless & Ducted Mini Split Systems

Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air is an Elite Mitsubishi Dealer and installer of ductless and ducted mini split systems. 

Not only does it mean we retrofit install and service more residential Mitsubishi equipment than any other California contractor in 2018 and 2019, but it also means our install crew, service technicians, and office staff have the know-how to properly design, install, and maintain mini split systems. 

These systems are truely amazing and offer the best in comfort, control and efficiency. Give us a call and meet with one of our design consultants.

Ductless Equipment Offers:

  • Efficient: Save as much as 40% on heating and cooling, compared to central A/C.
  • Flexibility: A lot of homes can’t accept AC into the current HVAC system due to duct design or space. Ductless systems offer various solutions and models.
  • Smart: Control the temperature in each room independently & don’t heat/cool rooms you’re not in.
  • Responsive: Whether heating or cooling, ductless should have you comfortable in minutes.
  • Long-lasting: Each ductless system is built to last and can keep your home comfortable through the seasons.

Ductless Equipment is Not:

  • A space heater or portable cooler: Far from a “quick-fix”, ductless units are an efficient, permanent alternative to central A/C. Don’t mix these units up with window or portable units. They don’t compare to the comfort and overall performance of these units.
  • Noisy: Perfect for neighborhoods with strict building ordinances. These unit operate as low as 19db, quieter then a whisper!
  • An Eyesore: With so many styles to chose from, including flush mounted ceiling cassettes, you can match your home’s style.

Learn more about the ductless HVAC systems available in the Santa Cruz, Marin, Santa Clara, and Sonoma area by calling the Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air experts at 831-244-6718.

We provide the options and the guidance to help you identify your perfect heating and cooling system.

Single Zone Versus Multi Zoned Systems

As the name implies a single zone system is for one indoor air handler matched to one outdoor unit. These units offer the highest efficiencies and are a great solutions for single rooms, studio sheds, or work rooms.

Multi-zoned, also called multi-port systems, can handle two and up to eight indoor units. One outdoor unit, the condenser, is matched the indoor units via lineset. These robust systems can be used to control select portions of the house, perhaps a hot upstairs or cold downstairs, or even the entire home. We have installed these systems every possible residential application from a 800 square feet to 9000 square foot homes.

Mitsubishi ductless and ducted systems offer incredible design options and flexibility. Call to meet with one of our designers to discuss layout and options.

Mitsubishi Model Options

Wall Mount Ductless

Wall mount ductless HVAC systems are the most common style. Available in three different models: GL, EF, FH. These models are usually the most economical and popular model for retrofit projects. The perfect choice to control temperature in a single room, or the entire home.

Ceiling Mount Cassette Styles

When space doesn’t allow for a wall mount unit, ceiling mount ductless systems can provide the optimal control you want with the space-saving qualities you need. In the past these units required attic access to service, but with Mitsubishi’s new MLZ model attic access is not required.

Floor Mount Ductless Units

When a wall mounted or ceiling cassette type unit isn’t an options, perhaps there’s no wall space due to windows or sloped walls, then floor mounts are the perfect options. Designed to through air across the ceiling and floor these units.

Ducted Units

Designed to replace the furnace or electric air handler in your home. These units use your homes existing ducts to provide heating and cooling to the entire home. With a variable speed motor and compressor these units can even be set up to provide zoned airflow control in some homes.

Ducted Low-Static Units

When only one or two rooms need heating and cooling these low-static ducted units can be the perfect solutions.

System Controls

All ductless units come with a remote control. But, for those that desire WIFI control our Mitsubishi systems can be paired to Kumo Cloud. From your phone or tablet you’ll have full zoned control of every air handler in your home.

No matter what type of ductless HVAC system you’re looking for, the Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air team can help. Our experienced professionals are able to provide the information you need to make the right choice for your home and deliver flawless installation for a system that you love.


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