Protecting Your Home From Expensive HVAC Energy Waste

Have Your Air Ducts Repaired or Sealed to Eliminate Energy Waste.

Energy efficiency often boils down to one primary goal: saving money on your monthly bill. There are many important aspects to your home’s energy efficiency, such as:

  • Lighting
  • Your Hot Water Heater
  • Your Roofing System
  • Electronics
  • and Your HVAC System

It’s your HVAC system that often consumes the most energy throughout the day. While homeowners look to expensive new HVAC systems to start cutting costs, there are simpler ways to improve your home’s energy consumption. Here’s a quick guide on how you can get started!

Sizing Up the Costs

Out of all your home systems, your heating and cooling appliances consumer almost half of all the energy your family uses each day. That’s over a hundred dollars in energy costs every month, and even more for larger houses.

Sure, you can begin by installing a brand new, ENERGY STAR approved HVAC system. However, that will probably cost tens of thousands of dollars and take a long time to pay off. If your current system still functions correctly there are easier steps you can take.

How to Prevent Energy Waste at Home

Make Sure Your Roof is Properly Insulated

Thorough insulation can save you plenty of dollars every month. Improved attic insulation is one of the few house projects that actually has a return on investment that’s above 100%. You earn money back, on top of what you spent for the insulation! Of course, all those savings could be wasted if your roof is letting excess heat from the outside. While you might not need an emergency roof repair, putting off basic maintenance could cost you severely in the long run.

Have Your Ducts Examined

In forced air systems, ducts transport conditioned air throughout the house. If your home’s duct system is leaking air into the attic, your HVAC system is probably consuming egregious amounts of energy to compensate for the lost air. Try to have leaky ducts sealed as quickly as possible to limit energy waste, or better yet, replace them with a more efficient duct work installation.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

That tiny knob or switch has more power than your realize. With programmable thermostats, you can teach your HVAC system to turn off while you gone during the day. Some models will even let you manage your settings while you’re out of the house. By rHave You Dealt With Alarming Energy Bills in the Past? Your HVAC System Might Be Causing a Large Part of Your Home’s Energy Waste.educing the amount of time your heater and air conditioning run, you’ll greatly improve your home’s energy savings.

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