TECH Clean California Rebates

Have you been thinking about replacing your old natural gas burning water heater or furnace with a new clean electric appliance? Well, don’t think about it anymore, call us today to learn how your project potentially qualifies for up to $3,000 (*up to $6,000 in some circumstances) in green energy rebates!

Bellows is a qualified contractor for TECH Clean California’s $120 million initiative, designed to help advance the state’s mission to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. This will be done by driving the market adoption of low-emissions space and water heating technologies for existing single and multifamily homes across California—a notable source of the state’s carbon footprint. The initiative was developed as part of California Senate Bill 1477 and is funded by California gas corporation ratepayers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.

In December 2021, TECH Clean California launched its single-family electrification incentives program. The program seeks to activate the supply chain for clean heating appliances by providing incentives through contractors for the installation of heat pump (HP) space and water heating in single-family homes. For any HP HVAC installation, projects can receive at least $3,000, while any heat pump water heater (HPWH) installation can receive at least $3,100 for replacement of a gas appliance or $1,000 for replacement of an electric resistance appliance. In enhanced regions, where TECH incentives can complement offerings from the local utility, projects can earn up to $6,600 for either appliance type.

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