Watkins Family

Today the Bellows team finished our big project of HVAC installation and a hot water heater in our home. This project was six ‘plus’ days of hard work by Russell, Spencer, Richard, and the hot water heater person (sorry his name slips me). In addition, Carl who visited us and invited us to contract with Bellows and Nick, our project manager and Amy, Cat, Sophie and other front line office people helped to smooth out details, and attend to our questions. Each one was a professional, listening and speaking kindly and making every effort to apply their expertise and wisdom to decisions and questions we had.

On our part, we approached this with confidence and belief in the Bellows family. We were not disappointed. We felt like part of the team. The on-site team worked around brief houseguests, 2 young grandchildren (3 of 6 days) with decorum and patience and sensitivity and of note, especially when the saw started on the last vent and our little one woke up crying at the door of the bedroom down the hall. We appreciated the flexibility of the team. On our part, we got put out of the way as best we could… taking a beach day, a couple of park outings, and a trip to the library. It all worked out because we were joined in a common project and created community helping each other out.

We have lived in our 68yo (1947) home for 36 years raising our 3 kids who now have their spouses and their kids nearby. We love our home. I, as grandmother, reflected on the meaning of my home and this new way of being with forced air vs. our faithful floor furnace that warmed several generations in ordinary life each day. Truly, Russell and Spencer made so much effort to get the air conditioning up and going on Friday, before the weekend, as it was very hot. We are so thankful. Now we are living in a comfortable home, and the temperature is regulated. It is a true privilege and we are so grateful to each of you at Bellows who faithfully attend to your work each day and do such great work with such great heart.

We now continue to be part of your team as we joined your great maintenance program. We will be a referral and reference base for your good business and company and customer satisfaction style. We are grateful that we were referred by another satisfied customer last year. We are so happy that we called and you did the work for us.