Twin Lakes Beach Cleanup – Serving the Local Community and the Environment

Fueled Only With a Single Cup of Coffee, Our Passionate Team Spent Hours Cleaning Twin Lakes Beach!

Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air believes in keeping our shores & oceans clean and protected. Recently Bellows partnered with Save Our Shores for a beach cleanup in Santa Cruz. We all gathered up on August 26th at Twin Lakes Beach near the harbor.

Around twenty of us showed up around 10 AM, drank a cup of coffee, and got our Save Our Shores orientation on how to go about cleaning the beach. We cleaned the beach for two hours walking one side of the beach to the other and back. The amount of garbage we found was insane; we found everything from cigarette butts to worn down shoes. The craziest items we found were window blinds and a Mercedes Benz car floor mat.

Twin Lakes Beach isn’t known for being a dirty beach. When you start looking for trash however, you end up seeing how dirty it is. The experience was eye opening for us and reiterated the importance of keeping our shores clean. We’ve all seen the large masses of plastic floating in the ocean. The trash that gets left on the beach affects everyone and can prevent visitors from having a pleasant experience, not to mention endanger local wildlife living in the ocean.

At Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air, we believe in keeping our beaches and oceans clean for us and generations to come. Come join us on our next beach cleanup! If you’d like to learn more about our beach cleanup events or any of our heating, cooling, and plumbing services in Santa Cruz, Marin, Santa Clara, and Sonoma, call our team at 831-244-6718! Be sure to check out some our other photos in the

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