Chris J

Electrician Apprentice


I have a Wife Dani, one kid Spike, and two dogs Mika & Mal

Where you live

Santa Cruz Mountains

Where you grew up  

Los Gatos

Favorite books

The Dark Tower series by Stephen King

The Last Deathship Off Antares by William John Watkins

Favorite band/genre

Psychedelic Trance & Folk Metal

Favorite movie

Pacific Rim

The Big Lebowski

Favorite saying or quote

Fear is the mind killer – Frank Herbert Dune

Favorite holiday



I like to go backpacking, rock climbing, paintballing, riding my motorcycle, and family outings

Passions or obsessions

Outdoors with my family

Place you’d most like to visit


Best thing that ever happened to you

Starting a family

Best plumbing/HVAC story

I was climbing under a house and went thru a stem wall access that had been opened up during a remodel. I made it half way and got stuck. I spent thirty minutes getting unstuck!

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