Sump Pump Installation, Repair, & Replacement

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Houses built with a low water table or in an area with subpar natural drainage can end up with flooding in the basement in times of heavy rainfall. There isn’t too much you can do in these situations, but installing a sump pump can help to keep your home dry. If you live in a home that is prone to basement flooding for whatever reason, a sump pump will save you a lot of frustration, time and money.

The Basics of Sump Pumps

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Sump pumps basically pump the excess water away from your house and out of harm’s way. They provide drainage when there is no natural drainage available. This is useful for flooding and for a problem known as hydrostatic pressure. This occurs when water builds up behind the foundation of the house and increases pressure so much that it causes structural damage. Sump pumps will help relieve hydrostatic pressure so that hidden water doesn’t end up creating any structural damage to the home. Give us a call today to get sump pump installation in Santa Cruz, Marin, Santa Clara, and Sonoma for your home.

Why Is My Sump Pump Broken?

A sump pump won’t do you any good if it isn’t working properly, and sump pump repair is a popular service for many plumbers. Over time, a sump pump can become clogged up with sediment, dirt, and debris, which is made worse when heavy rains bring it all into the house. Since the pumps run on electricity, problems with the electrical circuitry are also a possibility. When the pumping efficiency is compromised, the pump can no longer do its job. If you need a sump pump repair or replacement, call our plumbers!

Reliable Repair Is Crucial

Reliable sump pump repair is critical if you expect to have a functioning pump when you need it most. With all the dirt, leaves and sediment that can clog up the pump and with the electrical element, it only makes sense to have your repairs performed by a licensed plumbing professional. Make sure any sump pump repair company you want to hire has experience and a track record of success in your area. Poor quality repair work will only end up costing you more when the pump fails to remove the water effectively.

Basement flooding can cause a host of property and health problems, which is a why a healthy sump pump is an integral part of your plumbing system if you live in a vulnerable area. Dial 831-244-6718 for Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air for expert, timely repair, replacements or sump pump installation in Santa Cruz, Marin, Santa Clara, and Sonoma.