5 Ways to Unclog A Drain

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Types of Drain Clogs

Drain clogs can be found in many different pipes throughout the house; from a toilet to a shower, or even a kitchen sink. Drain clogs can be caused by a number of different things; the following are a few different types of drain clogs and the most common causes:

  • Toilet Drain Clogs are commonly caused by flushing improper items, like feminine hygiene products, cotton swabs, diaper wipes, and more, down the toilet.
  • Shower Drain Clogs are oftentimes caused by a combination of dead skin, dirt, and hair that combines with soap scum in the pipes, causing a blockage.
  • Kitchen Sink Drain Clogs become a problem when oil, grease, and food particles that start to expand combine in the sink drains and back them up.

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