Pressure Tank Installation Services

Is the water pressure coming through the taps too low? The water pressure tank could be the cause of irregular water pressure in the plumbing system. Modern water systems rely on two main components, a pump, and a pressure tank. Your access to water is controlled by the pressure tank which sends water your way as a faucet is turned on.

Because of this, any difficulties with your tank can make it difficult to get water in your home. Contact Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air when you think you might require repairs or you need to install a pressure tank in Santa Cruz, Marin, Santa Clara, and Sonoma. Find out more about our tank repairs or the installation process by reaching us at 831-244-6718!

Solving Your Problems

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There are several difficulties that could break the water pressure tank and prevent water flow such as overheating or the system getting waterlogged. If the tank loses its air charge, it will begin to short-cycle. This will trigger it to endlessly turn itself off and on. This can severely damage the pump and wind up ending with premature failure of the whole tank. We can generally repair these issues without a problem. If your tank is older though, a more efficient tank could save you from additional problems in the future. Whichever you decide on, we are happy to assist you with dependable tank repairs. In the case of replacement, a larger tank might be more efficient and we will assess your current setup to determine which pressure tank in Santa Cruz, Marin, Santa Clara, and Sonoma is right for your home.

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You can contact our plumbers at 831-244-6718 to get more information on pressure tanks and the services we provide. Thanks to many years of experience working with different types of plumbing, we can offer you the necessary repairs for any water pressure or tank difficulty out there. If you need waterlogged pressure tank repair, or a new pressure tank installation in Santa Cruz, Marin, Santa Clara, and Sonoma, our plumbers are available to assist you! We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week so if you need help on a weekend or the middle of the night, we are prepared to assist you!