What Causes Sewer Blockages?

Yard Flooding is a Pretty Direct Sign That Something is Going on With Your Sewer Line!

Have you ever seen someone’s yard transform into a pound because of a busted sewer line? Or worse, have you ever smelled it? It’s not pretty! Thankfully, there are ways to quickly address the problem or even prevent it altogether. If you think you may have a broken, busted, or clogged sewer line, read carefully!

How Can I Avoid Getting a Clogged Sewer Line?

If you’re worried that your sewer line may develop a clog in the future, there are a couple of ways you can avoid a yard flooding disaster. First, make sure to schedule an inspection for your sewer line every once in a while. Don’t panic! Nowadays, it’s very easy to examine your plumbing system without trenching through the yard, thanks to video inspection technology. Getting an inspection will help detect potential hazards early on.

There are several plumbing complications that can develop into a main sewer line clog. One of the most common is a buildup of mineral deposits. Silt and other matter can gradually accumulate in your pipes until a breach is created by the excess pressure. Even normal wear and tear can allow dirt and stones to slip into your sewer line and clog it. Finally, tree roots can curl up against the pipe and create a rupture, or even grow into the line itself. While it would be very difficult to avoid all damage to your sewer line, you can address each of these problems with careful water treatment, routine inspections, and tree root pruning.

Is There a Way to Fix the Damage?

Even Tree Roots Can Create a Nasty Clog From Time to Time.

Many plumbers with sewer camera tech are also equipped to repair the damage without trenching. The important thing is that you act quickly before the clog can get any worse. You’ll also want to limit your water use while the main line is clogged, as you could suffer some nasty backflow otherwise. If a section of the pipe is beyond repair, a prompt sectional replacement will help you get your line back in working order (though this would require isolated trenching).

Plumbing Help for Your Main Sewer Line Clog

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