How To Get The Most Out Of Your Residential Heating and Cooling Systems

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We all want to save money and lower our bills in the process. We love to pinch our pennies, cut coupons, and be saving-savvy in all aspects of our lives. 

So when you don’t want to be sweaty all summer or freezing all winter, how do you get the most out of your residential heating and cooling system without spending the big bucks? 

We’ve put together these 8 tips to help you achieve that goal.


1) Clean around the unit

Outdoor heating and cooling systems work most effectively if they are clean and clear of debris. Dedicating a few minutes a week to keeping the unit clean is the most effective use of your time and money.

2) Keep up on routine maintenance

Along with keeping the unit clean, keep the area around the unit clear and don’t forget to clean those air filters. Keeping up on routine heating and cooling maintenance can keep larger problems from developing and allow the unit to work most effectively, all which save you money.

3) Figure out where air is escaping in your house

One of the worst feelings has to be when you realize that you’ve been cooling down the outdoors by finding a window open after you’ve had the air conditioner on. These situations can be easily prevented and so can other air leaks. It is worth the time to figure out which areas of the house leak air, as this can be a large reason why you stay hot in the summer and cold in the winter. 

Sometimes these problems can be easily fixed or they may require a more thorough house sealing, but taking care of large air leaks will save you money in the long run on heating and cooling costs.

4) Clean your windows screens and keep them open when weather allows

Take advantage of the few weeks of the year that allow for pleasant outdoor temperatures to cool and freshen your house. Also, clean window screens ensure that only fresh air is getting inside.

 Additionally, cleaning dust and debris regularly from the screens can be important for your health. If opening your windows is making you sick, you won’t want them open.

5) Do what you can to cool down your house in the summer

Plant shade trees around your house to keep the summer sun from coming in, and keep curtains and blinds closed in the heat of the day for the same reasons. 

Avoid dryer and oven use in the heat of the day as these appliances will quickly heat up your house. Cook outside at every opportunity you have, whether that be in a sun-oven, grill, or other outdoor oven. If possible, only run the dryer at night when the sun is down so you do not have multiple forces heating the house.

6) Use exhaust fans to keep humidity and water out

Whenever the shower or bath are in use, make sure to turn on your exhaust fans! These fans are a great tool to get the humidity and water out of the air in the bathroom that will eventually travel throughout the house. 

In addition to keeping mold out of your house, these fans eliminate humidity which can have adverse air effects in both the summer and winter since humidity makes the hot air feel hotter and the cold feel colder.

7) Schedule service early

Tune in to tune-ups! Whether it’s home AC repair, heating and cooling maintenance, or furnace repair services that you are in need of, make sure to schedule maintenance early and regularly to keep your unit in the best care.

8) Keep thermostat temperatures regular

While it can be tempting (especially if people in the house don’t agree on the temperature) to constantly change the thermostat temperature, the constant juggling of the thermostat can cause secondary heating systems to kick in which result in high-cost energy charges that you will really see reflected in your bill. 

Changing the thermostat for most of the day when people are not home and then changing it again when people get home won’t give you adverse effects (this practice definitely saves money) but consistent thermostat changes is something to avoid.

Maximize Your Home’s Comfort and Efficiency with Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air

When it comes to residential heating and cooling, you want to do all that you can to keep your bills down and your heating and cooling sources running. At Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air we are dedicated to helping you get the best use out of your air and heating systems for the lowest cost.

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